Much of this area is very deserted at night, and you can be an easy target for criminals or police corruption.
Probably the biggest draw to the area is the existence of legalized prostitution.
Some waiters may not speak much English beyond what they need to take drink orders.
Zona Norte In Tijuana Sure, Mexican border towns can be pretty sketchy but Zona Norte brings in lots of money so they keep it relatively safe.The more out of place you look, the more attention youll attract.One more thing of note: it is generally assumed that a woman in Zona Norte is a prostitute especially if shes by herself, even if only for a short time.The main hotel in the area is Cascadas 2000, located on the corner of Calle Coahuila and Avenida Niños Heroes.Map of Tijuana/Zona Norte, from San Diego, cross the San Ysidro border, and walk toward the arch: The arch is located at Revolucion and First Street, officially known.This is especially true in Zona Norte.Ive heard of a few relatively reputable hotels the key word being relatively but stay at them at your own peril.I recommend you hit up the pharmacy before you.Tijuana is a pretty shady city and bad things ford escort fan davlumbaz can happen there.Might not be too good in Tijuana or Curacao, but should work very well in the other cities.Constitucion and, niños Heroes.
There are many very cheap hotels in the Zona Norte, with rooms for US15-25 a night not unheard of, though these places are as seedy as you would expect.
Youll just have to look for them.
Some of the hottest ones may hold out for more, others may go for a bit cheaper during the day or on slow week nights.
Puebla and, veracruz, with a few from, cuba and.
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Theyre likely to get accosted by potential suitors or, even worse, approached by the police to see their prostitution permits.I cant say for sure, cuz Ive never been there, but thats the word Ive heard.Anyways things are a little different at Adelitas.That means more traffic and more hassle, plus one of the nices brothels in the world in Scandallo.He may ask if you want to check out some other club or tell you he knows where to find girls.We are going to assume that those who are reading this are American and if so the easiest way is to hop the border by walking over.It is generally not difficult to find English-speaking ladies and waiters at these clubs.