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Another source from nipa also spoken to said it is actually very worse at Nipa a collage situated right behind zcas.
We are losing a generation because of escort in e1 this social vice, Prostitution remains illegal in Zambia and post your whore anyone found indulging in the escort ciudad del carmen business is guilty of a felony.
The father of my children turned his back on me, said another former prostitute.He was aware of sex workers that were operating at Katete and Bulawayo and warned the owners of the two places that they risked being closed down.I am hereby urging the council and other relevant authorities to ensure that they close them down.The mans reason being that he lost his money in his wallet and doesnt have any other money with him."It is not fair to judge them by their past she said.I found prostitution because of rejection.Once a prostitute, always a prostitute.Residents of the two townships said men from Chawama, Kuku and other parts of Lusaka had been flocking to these guest houses in a bid to have a good time with the Zimbabwean sex workers.41 sex workers were arrested by Police in Lusakas brothels and in the streets of Chawama area last e commercial sex workers were nabbed Last Friday of which one of them was found with 350ml bottle of sperms.No responsible man will disgrace himself like this in deo below.
Some clergymen in the country had also expressed their concern believing that the show would corrupt moral values.
Recently a prostitute in Kabwata area stripped all her clothes after her customer made off with her money.
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Police who led the operation said investigations are going.
Immigration public relations manager Namati Nshinka said some of these women may have valid documents although they ended up doing something else.
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A Zambian sex worker, Judith Mwila of Chawama, who has been in the business for years, said many men no longer went for locals, claiming that Zimbabwean sex workers were more active and sweet in bed.Zimbabwean sex workers have invaded the country masquerading as cross-border traders selling a variety of merchandise.Though reality television shows were introduced in Zambia about five years ago, many of the shows have become exceedingly progressive, including this one, showing that in the business of TV, forms of community service can still be popular.Story from the Kitwe Times Website.Despite the mixed views, the show is actually intended to provide aid and help improve the lives of the women.We are going to carry out an operation to remove and deport all the sex workers operating at the named brothels, he said.At nipa here we have girls who have been here for Amos two yearstudying a diploma, but they are never seen in class, they are only here for business and which is to sale their bodies for sex, they attract many prominent people who drive.

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