The end of uk local swingers this exchange in The Sound of Music : Cptn.
Master I shall be glad to see it, sir.
Lusty servant I, thinking to prevent what his quick mischiefs had so soon acted, came real escorte eu and rush'd upon him.
At the climax of Farworld : Land Keep, Marcus meet & fuck is about to "save" Farworld, but will really end up destroying.Lusty servant Nay then, the devil wrastles!First gentleman Still do those loathsome thoughts jar on your tongue, Yourself to stain the honour of your wife, Nobly descended.Ambo Honest fellow Sam, welcome, i'faith!Zebra Girl : As let out by Sandra : Goblin Assassin: ieee!Master Was it in man to wound so kind a creature?He then starts shouting that it's not possible as The Juggernaut reveals he's completely unscathed.Von Trapp :."Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach.SAM You see I am hang'd after the truest fashion: three hats, and two glasses bobbling upon 'em, two rebato wires upon my breast, a cap-case by my side, a brush at my back, an almanac in my pocket, and three ballads in my codpiece.
A character who uses it is indicating complete certainty.
And she gets several more when Anna actually does die.
Back to the Future Part II has Marty say this after coming across his father's grave in the alternate 1985.Cap-case : a traveling-case, bag, or wallet well fed : well asked puling : whining consumed : squandered stand in wax : sign a bond of debt, drawn up by a scrivener and then certified with a stamp in wax Moll and Doll : Mal.My limbs deny.Wife More wretched am I now in this distress Than former sorrows made.Shall I stand idle And see my reputation touch'd to death?You have a wife Kind and obedient: heap not wrongful shame On her, your posterity.My second son must be a promoter, and my third a thief, or an underputter, a slave pander.What is there in three dice to make a man draw thrice three thousand acres into the compass of a round little table, and with the gentleman's palsy in the hand, shake out his posterity?The Knight's house.Husband And perish now, be gone!Again, she remembers her promise and flatly tells him "No." Thousand Shinji has two examples: Shinji utters one when the Keeper of Secrets demands an Eldar soul back.It's powerful, because she'd been raped earlier in the episode, and had seriously contemplated telling Tony and using her connection to him to have the rapist killed.Prithee, leave me; I think I hear him coming.

Zorg : Oh,.
A type 2 or 3 can be seen in The Amazing Spider-Man #230, the climax of Spidey's first encounter with the Juggernaut.
" The Secret Saturdays : Zak whispers "No." when his family is about to be crushed by an army of monsters just because he refuses to help overthrow the human race.