which countries have the highest prostitution rate

Countries With The Highest Rate Of Prostitution.
Ironically, although the prostitution is illegal in Mexico, in some cities is considered legal as Tijuana.
FBI agent leading away a suspect arrested in the "Operation Cross Country II" in 2008.Although prostitution is illegal, Indonesia remains a popular site for sex tourism."Prostituted children remain the orphans of America's justice system.Brazils government has been especially watchful for sex tourism and sex trafficking during preparations for the World Cup, but the thriving sex trade doesn't seem to be slowing down.Unfortunately, sex tourism has cast a dark shadow over Cambodia, and many are left without alternatives.Featured Today 3 Spain via: obalinksabroad.Laws against prostitution in Thailand are hazy, and the country has a bit of a reputation for its sexually permissive nature.Sex Tourism Destinations Source: m, in every city in the world, there are even places used explicitly as a place of disguised prostitution.In Madrid, the red light district is interwoven with regular streets, so its very accessible, whereas in Barcelona, the red light district is a popular tourist attraction.New Zealand The country was most keen to legalize prostitution around 2003, and at that time it began to be legal for prostitution in the country.From the destruction of Pompeii after the volcanic eruption suddenly obliterated the ancient sex city from the map of the world one day before, to the sex scandal of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is available fond of subscribing top-class prostitutes in 2011.
Humans find it hard to restrain from temptation.
Spain spends the most on prostitutes per person and has a total expenditure.5 billion (18.1 billion) (Picture: Getty).
This country legalizes prostitution.This thing has not only happened recently, but it has been since the days of the Japanese empire in the past.Although, female sex tourism exists in smaller numbers.For residents in Japan, being a virgin when the first night ferrari escort montreal of marriage is very embarrassing for those who married at the age of more than 20 years.The photographic documentary, "Underage" by photographer Ohm Phanphiroj shows the life of thousands of underage male prostitutes in Thailand.

There are approximately 3 million sex workers in Thailand, of whom roughly a third are minors.
Word on the street is that many Colombian sex workers will lower their prices if the client is attractive and a good negotiator, which may be why the country is so popular when it comes to sex tourism.
Recently, the court ruled that sex workers in Spain would have the right to have workers rights and be able to claim unemployment benefits after no more extended working.