The crack house in the heart of Reading, Berkshire, is only yards from the last place Mary-Ann Leneghan, 16, was seen alive and a short walk from Prospect Park, the place where her body was dumped.
It's quite a good palce to take a bottle of whiskey and a lady and you're sorted.
You are clearly not all punta cana dominican republic legal prostitution bisexual.Now it's just all iff.Last week a gang of young robbers who terrorised teenagers across the town were jailed for a total of six years.The latest antisocial behaviour strategy update will be discussed.Riverside at the oracle in summer.On sunny days is it lovely, u jst hang out wit mates and play football, frisbee or just sunbathe Forbury Gardens.On Friday/Saturday night it's full of Goths from the local tech.
Lots of places that successive generations of teenagers "discover" and make their own little homes away from home.
Widely acknowledged to do the best kebabs in Reading.
Just a change of management - place your bets that it reopens as a trendy winebar, with boring (mind numbing) popular techno dance music.
My mum saw people having sex behind the green thing.And the legendary forbury.Uni gardens for the eastside crew.Forbury's shut so most ppl go 2 Kngs Meadow 2 get wasted now.The rec in tilehurst, cotswolds in tilehurst, most parks if ur under 18!Meredith, Lee Hayes,.In fact don't even walk past it as people have been dragged.Most of the teeny skateboarders are down the skatepark(well its just a few steps and a slope but they still think its the best place to be) The seats next to the river at the Oracle Forbury Gardens or by the steps outside Boiler room.Jamiale Morally, from Balham, detainee custody officer overseas escorting south London, also faces charges relating to the attempted murder of an 18-year-old friend of Mary-Ann's and the rape and kidnap of both girls.N have random orgies n we all drink n um do stuff lol oh u have to watch out for some ppl tho n jason coz he smells really bad all of us really all of us r scarey our fave hook-up spot is the.I also like it up on Ballmore park where you can look out over the whole town.