Traditional Brothel Creepers are usually prostitutes in arusha suede although they are now made of leather, fur, and other materials.
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3, the shoes were also widely worn by the Ton-Up boys of the 1950s and later on the rockers of the '60s, who wore them as an alternative shoe when not riding their motorbikes.
4, teddy Boys edit, the shoes were taken up by the.Brothel creepers 7 brothel creepers, brE, nAmE noun plural (BrE, informal) suede shoes with thick soft soles, popular in the 1950s.3, initially they came in shades of blue, ranging from pastel shades to electric blue, and were made of suede or polished leather.Later, more brothels in newcastle extravagant patterned versions were created.Double-click any word on the page to view its translation or definition).
Brothel creeper, creepers or brothel creepers are a type of shoe usually with suede uppers and thick crepe soles.
Top definition, brothel Creeper unknown, a type of shoe most commonly worn by punks, ska punks, goths, rockabillies, and pyschobillies.
The brothel creeper regained popularity in the early 1970s when Malcolm McLaren sold them from his "Let it Rock" shop in London's Kings Road.
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The collection comprised seven classic all gender styles.Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK, and marketed under the "Hamilton" name, based on George Cox.'s middle name.Contents, history and origins of the name edit, a version of this style of shoe became popular with World War II soldiers in North Africa, who adopted suede boots with hard-wearing crepe rubber.Stu, arkoff's, brothel Creepers are tough as hell.The shoe has since been adopted by subcultures prostitutes in gateshead such as indie, ska, punk, new wavers, psychobilly, greasers and goth, Japanese Visual Kei, and was worn by Bananarama, and Saffron, singer of Republica.This style of footwear became fashionable in the years following.A pair of "double sole" creepers shoes.

Having left the army, many of these ex-soldiers found their way to the nightspots of London wearing the same crepe-soled shoes and these became known as "brothel creepers".
In the late 1950s, these shoes were taken up by the Teddy Boys along with drainpipe trousers, draped jackets, bolo ties, quiff and pompadour haircuts, and velvet or electric blue clothes.
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