what are the causes of prostitution in india

This keeps them out of the struggles and competition of jobs that could have helped them earn an income to survive through.
According to Blunketts definition of prostitution as the exchange of sexual services for some form of payment usually money or drugs (David Blunkett 2004 it could be noticed that most of the prostitutes especially the street ones take drugs.As if that is not enough, even the arrested ones are just released since the law against prostitution is not being enforced.To address the health consequences of prostitution, the international human rights community must understand that prostitution harms women and that in addition to needing health services; women must be provided with the economic, social and psychological means to leave prostitution.For example, in another survey of 55 victims/survivors of prostitution who used the services of the Council for Prostitution Alternative in Portland, Oregon, 78 were victims of rape by pimps and male buyers an average of 49 times a year; 84 were the victims.This has pushed them in to prostitution.
Often times, an undercover police oficer posing as a prostitute will try to engage you in a conversation to have sex for money.
Crack cocaine and alcohol were used most frequently.
It is implied that the payment is made for a specific reward.
The law on prostitution Conclusion Prostitution overall is a very risky business which is internationally known all over the world.What are the consequences of a conviction of solicitation of prostitution?Another way in which prostitution is related to crime is because of the sex crimes involved.Poverty on the other hand has caused desperate youths to see light in prostitution.Accessed 2nd march 2008 Reay Tannahill, (1982) Sex in History (Time Magazine, August 23 1971) (Encarta Dictionary Tools (2006) A Theory of Prostitution (February 2002, Journal of Political Economy) (Vern and Bonnie Bullough, Women and Prostitution: A Social History (1987; 3-4) Leheny,.The definition Edlund presents is arguable to the extent that patriarchy in our society has greatly reduced in comparison to traditional times.The constitutionality of laws against prostitution is also in question, since they penalize prostitutes but not their customers).23 of those assaulted were beaten severely enough to have suffered broken bones.Generally, the media is invested in supporting the expansion of the sex industry.(Encarta Dictionary Tools 2006).Up to 95 of those involved in street-based prostitution are problematic drug-users, and many are homeless.The prostitution la paz bolivia second view is the socialist/Marxist view is that prostitution is inevitable result of capitalism (Vern and Bonnie Bullough, Women and Prostitution: A Social History (1987; 3-4).

(1987) Law, Sex, and Christian Society in Medieval Europe.
One of the reasons why people engage in the act of prostitution according to Taylor is because of children being sexually abused.