Adams, SIX-guns: Though a good friend of Billy the Kid, the author was never considered an outlaw.
Available at: ml Summary of John School Programs, Report by the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation: Sawyer,., Simon Rosser,.R., Schroeder,. .
The authors have written the surprising, entertaining, and useful history of that staple of American agriculture, the barbed wire fence. .
10pp, softcover booklet.35.00 A very scarce history of the Waggoner Ranch!(Adjutant General of Texas) report OF mk3 escort repair panels state ranger AND martial LAW activities OF THE national guard OF texas, 1921and, 1st edition, Von Boeckmann-Jones., Printers, Austin.This landmark reference volume will be immensely important for researchers, conservationists, land managers, birders, and wildlife lovers.Hill lone WAR trail OF apache KID 1947, 1st limited edition of 250 copies, Pasadena.2014, 1st limited edition of 500 copies, Hebbronville.
There are two main branches in Jim Hogg County El Ebanito and La Mota.
Return: The Parker Story 2006, 2nd printing, Palestine.
Reese, SIX-score: This vast compilation of original accounts by old trail drivers is one of the best cattle books, and the largest collection of first-hand narratives of the range cattle industry.
Softcover.25.00 60) Jennings,.A.
146pp w/maps, photos and illustrations, bib, notes, index.
A general history commemorating the West Texas towns 100th anniversary. .
This handsome set 375.00 sold 10) Barker,.Includes a 100 page section of bio-graphical sketches of many pioneers to the region.HB clean, sound/dust jacket has several chips, now in protective cover, very scarce.125.00 sold 23) Connor, Seymour.More range photos from the outstanding, award winning photographer. .1968, 1st edition, Wheeler.He emailing an escort served from 1887 until his retirement in 1915, after receiving more awards and honors than any other Texas Ranger, before or since.Signed.00 7) Archambeau, Ernest.Folio HB softcover, signed, very good condition.45.00 98) Randolph, Edmund hell among THE yearlings 1955, 1st edition,.

None of these poststhose of the new "second line" any more than those of the earlier "first line"inconvenienced the Comanche and the Kiowa in the slightest degree.