Holding Darkness Within mc ff mf fd by Sollipsist Added 28 November 2004 Updated 12 December 2004 A group of co-eds rent out a spooky old house.
House Guest: The Chest mc mm by Baralai Added Chances guest finds a mysterious chest.
Or, Monkeying Around mc mf md fd by A Sinister Bent Added When Cindys changed behavior leads to a violent confrontation between her and her football-jock boyfriend Biff, Marvin takes action.
How to Train Your Doggy mc ff fu by Princess Kay Added Megan demonstrates on her vlog how to enslave a girl who has been through a body-modification process.Hes Better Suit Ted mc mm by cicero Added Ted puts on his good suit to close a business deal with an older man.The living could tell them apart by demanding their purpose in the name of Jesus anal escorts calgary Christ.And how did he got here?See also: List of ghosts Popular culture, and Category:Fictional ghosts Metaphorical usages Nietzsche argued that people generally wear prudent masks in company; but that an alternative strategy for social interaction is to present oneself as an absence, as a social ghost "One reaches out for."Carbon monoxide poisoning: systemic manifestations and complications".The Egyptian Book of the Dead compiles some of the beliefs from different periods of ancient Egyptian history.Home Invasion mc mf ff md in by txhypnodegenerate Added ve comes home to find his wife and daughter sucking off a stranger.
Evidence Has Not Materialized".
The Hypnotized Jock mc mm by Westpalm Added football player is given special tapes that he believes will help him with his studies.
Headshots mc mf md by Joe Mama Added Two reluctant coeds get their pictures taken by a photographer with some special gear.
"Haunted Inns Tales of Spectral Guests".
Most followers supported causes such as the abolition of slavery and women's suffrage.67 In October 2016, Showtime announced that a new series would be released in 2017, set six months after the finale of the TV series.How a Bad Girl Tastes mc mf md by MichelleLovesTo Added stranger picks up Nadette, a Catholic school girl, on the way to school.Some people believe the ghost or spirit never leaves Earth until there is no-one left to remember the one who died.While ghost stories are often explicitly meant to be scary, they have been written to serve all sorts of purposes, from comedy to morality tales.Humanity.0 mc mf ff in md sf by Adrammalech Added Updated collection of excerpts from the thousand-year diary of a man destined to become the progenitor of a new human race.He Was Quite Specific md mf ff md by Nineball Added stranger turns Judy and Lia into Roys personal slaves.Andreeva, Nellie (January 12, 2013)."The 2016 fangoria Chainsaw Awards Winners and Full Results!".Herded mc mf ff mm md in la by Adam Lily Added traditional American middle-class family joins the Ut-Sark Tribe of the Steppesbut not as people.

Hot Flash Collection mc by Ms_Myrrh Added collection of short mind-control snippets.
Hypnosis Beneath Hypnosis mc mf md by Mesmerr Added 09 February 2008 A therapist who gives seminars on hypnosis engages in a little extra-cirricular activity.
Can Liberty Man rescue them before it is too late?