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A bench that if you were homeless and needed to rest you could actually sleep on cause it doesn't have those irritating bumps they put on them in florida.
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Still no waiter had appeared and Allan wanted a beer and I was most likely going to drink it with him, so it was in my best interest to getup and go back to the bar where the waiters were to be found.
We managed to get that beer by quickly acosting the waiter after he had taken the order from the pople at the other table and Irequested it quickly as he walked by me even quicker.
The paper might still be there for all I know.
Plus the fact that I've never been to Uruguay; so why not go?
They say that on clearer nights, you can make out the Buenos Aires skyline, but I was just as glad that a slight haze at twilight prevented such a view.Logistics: Buquebus: I decided not to fly, but take a fast ferry across from Buenos Aires to Montevideo and the return in the same fashion.A lot bigger than 1313, but still a lot of hombres.Its possible to walk from one end of the old town to the other in less than 15 minutes, so theres no need to rush.Looked like university students.Great, I love to pay 13 pesos and not 76 pesos.Yes, pretty much, but we work all year anyway.Neither the cuisine nor the service matched the scenery.