Uh *chorus* *hook all I prostitutes in accra contacts want to do is hold you tonight.
Don't want you thinking I'm not into the way your sex essex escorts cheap goes.I don't want (loose you) bye the words that I'm saying.Girl let me it's true, i am having so much fun, i can't believe I'm dancing with you.With you baby, uhh baby, don't ya know you're driving me crazy.Like having sex on the table.Love to dance with you.You, you know I'll treat you right.
Baby slow it down don't ya move so fast, gotta make this dance last, baby tonight.
I wanna you up, that's right, come on now lets get it on tonight.
Tell me do u like it like that baby.
Come on now and feel the rythym as I hit 'em.
Ginuwine: I say girl strait to the voice strawberrys get the whip cream.
You, you are the mystery, come on baby let me inside *hook i wanna sex you up, that's right.I'm a rip backpage oakland escort of my shirt.I wanna you up, let me freak you up, i wanna you.Freak it to the sound and toss it around.And this may sound a little crazy.But this time I'm faking.And maybe its time for you and me, Can't you see you, you know I treat you right.But tonight I ain't having it so get ready.Hey I, Hey I, Do you feel it too?I wanna sex you up (I know the way you like it).Baby I love to dance all night.I could keep you on the floor all night.I know the way you like.