It is observed that prostitutes generally have lot of resentments towards society as a whole and also towards their clients(Basham,1978).
"Nothing has changed for 120 years.
In return their families received social prestige and lots of money from these priests and powerful dignitaries.
Vref1 title Study of prostitution history and current effects in India t dateNovember 2013 accessdate5 September 2018 locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard.Int J Crim Justice Sci.Ms Thompson's journey into Kamathipura started in 2002 when she travelled there to photograph children born into the sex trade.According to some official records it has also been proven that sexual harassments by police and some inconsiderate government officials on girls who live on streets of these cities have also given rise to prostitution in India.Cities of India have a huge number of female populations who are following prostitution as their profession.Nowadays particular streets and places in the cities are best known for availability of prostitutes there(Sithannan,2006).
Entering the brothels initially under the guise of an aid worker, she shot images discreetly from the back of vehicles, the roofs of buildings and under her scarf.
A very unique kind of prostitution that prevails in Banaras is the widow whose husband had died early and is pushed to state of acute poverty and starvation had no choice left but to adopt prostitution as the only way of surviving(Eck,1982).
Most of the girls are brought from Nepal and Bangladesh.
Economic causes include poverty and economic distress.
Prostitution in religious cities of India.Virginity before marriage is an important concept in India and if prostitution would not have existed then these honest and virgin girls would have fallen prey to these sex starved men.(Sithannan,2006)."They raped her to break her said Ms Thompson.Nothing Ms Thompson claimed.Another kind of prostitutes that existed were called devdasis" or jogans" who work in temples and generally known as servant of gods Singh,1997).These divine prostitutes are subjected to lot of sexual exploitation by the priests and wealthy individuals of the community(Singh,1997).Due to which male houston prostitution sting mugshots prostitutes in India face more criticism and harassments from the masses rather than his female counterparts.This kind of prostitution is generally concentrated in big cities of India and is not very popular with the rural parts of the country(Mandelbaum,1970).Psychological causes include desire for physical pleasure, greed, and dejection.From the cultural context Indian men think that they are more sexually driven than Indian women.Altogether I have dealt prostitution as an urban phenomenon and how it had affected the city and its attributes in India throughout the century.But sometime around the 6th Century, the practice of "dedicating" girls to Hindu gods became prevalent in a practice that developed into ritualized prostitution.According to Beals, the term urbanization basically refers to the kind of assimilation in which people develop their urban ways of life, while Kinglsey Davis argued this term can be used as an characteristic of a social system (Eames Goode,1977).I have also tried to explain the inherent concept on prostitution by society as whole an and had also tried to justify reason behind such notions.

She has worked in over 40 countries.
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