One Thai university student doing penalty for prostitution in maryland sex work to support herself lamented to an interviewer that "my life doesn't give me choices".
This means that they do not have access to health care or primary school, which limits their further education or employment opportunities.
"Spas cry foul over sale of sex services".But I ignored him.Aberdeen, Hong Kong: Hong Kong U Press, 2011."Current Legal Framework: Prostitution in Thailand".3, contents, legal underpinnings edit, the legal framework governing prostitution in Thailand is based upon three acts: Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act edit, the Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act,.E.The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality: Thailand.Pattaya, prostitution in Thailand has been common in modern Thailand and its predecessor states for centuries.The Monitor: Journal of International Studies.End Child Prostitution Pornography and Trafficking (ecpat UK).
Queer Bangkok: twenty-first-century markets, media, and rights.
Retrieved "entertainment place ACT,.E.
"10 Of The Most Popular Destinations For Sex Tourism".
62 Although Thailand's sex trade aimed at foreigners can be considered overt, the industry that caters exclusively to Thai men had never before been publicly scrutinised, let alone the sexual exploits of Thailand's unchallengeable officials.
He served as minister for tourism and aids prevention from 1991 to 1992, and also founded the restaurant chain Cabbages and Condoms, which gives free condoms to customers.
37 Prostitution establishments targeted at locals are usually "bathing-sauna-massage" parlours of this type.76 Child sex tourism is a serious problem in the country.Bars catering to foreigners The most prevalent form of interaction with Westerners is through the various forms of bars.According to the US-based research institute Protection Project, estimates of the number of children involved in prostitution living in Thailand ranges from 12,000 to the hundreds of thousands (ecpat International).The prevalence of HIV/aids in Thailand, and especially among sex workers, has been the subject of significant media and academic attention, and Thailand hosted the XV International aids Conference, 2004.

So when it comes to the policymakers, who are mostly men, of course, they don't see this as a problem.
Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy.