syrian refugee camps prostitution

Men have been asking for Syrian women because they like the blond and light-skinned among them, and the chances that they may create problems, like blackmailing married Jordanian men, are almost nonexistent, she says.
A study by Harvard University is warning of a growing epidemic of sexual exploitation and abuse in the country, which houses 62,000 asylum seekers stranded by the.
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In Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities, refugees tend to live in open camps or informal settlements, where adolescents may be preyed on by older men.Ralf Rötten, the director of the "Hilfe für Jungs" Help for Boys youth support organization in Berlin, confirmed to InfoMigrants that there were many younger refugees who sold their bodies for money.He then entered the world of prostitution and drug abuse.It said about 40 per cent of those interviewed said sexual violence took place when they were accessing services in the southern Syrian cities of Daraa and Quneitra.Alli has not told his mother of his plight in Greece.Copyright 2013 The Associated Press.This can be children who are unaccompanied, or it can be women who come here without a husband or person to protect them.With people who are desperate, it's very easy to abuse them.".The seeming rise in unaccompanied minors prostituting themselves comes after a "one-for-one" deal brokered between the EU and Turkey in March.
Some are even as old.
Now, dependent on drugs and money from clients, the reality of what his life has become is overwhelming.
The sexual exploitation - and the threat of it - in some cases became a barrier to accessing humanitarian aid.
Jordanian police did not respond to written and verbal AP requests for comment.
Given the vulnerability of women, the camps growing population and the lack of resources, Im not surprised that some may opt for such actions.Condoms litter the ground of a park in central Athens."At the end of the day when you go inside the park, they come, some pull their pants down so you see their ass Ali says.Some distributors might ask for a womans phone number, or they might give her celebrity prostitution in india a lift to her house to take something in return.Migrant crisis: Misery builds in Greek transit camp after migrant route sealed.

He especially wanted to bring his eight-year-old sister.
Those programmes continue to be funded by a range of donors, including DfID (the UK's Department for International Development).".