Escort vessels are armed to the teeth, fast and maneuverable, which makes them a hard target to hit when theyre moving evasively.
Rating is available when the video has been rented.A photo of Federation Escorts.Primary Role: Heavy damage ship, boasting incredible firepower for its size.Going over my sex dating sites that are not scams in south africa avatar's talent tree, my bridge officer talents / lay out, as well as my wonderful ship, the.S.S.Get more information, dismiss, you're using an unsupported web browser. I picked Photon Torpedoes because of the DPS score.If you Have any Questions about my ship or the game ask in the comments and I will be with you as soon as I can. As for the choice of weapons, I went for a 6 beam array, 2 projectile arrangement, based on comments I read online about power levels (some said go all beam, some said go 7:1.Hover media query supported.Special: Bonus to damage, speed and maneuverability; can load cannons; bonus to weapon power; extra forward weapon slot.Jatzia Engineering Build (Tank?) m/?buildjatzia_5798, this is my most complete update.
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I always welcome constructive criticism in the comments below about things to improve on or sustain.
The interactive transcript could not be loaded.By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to use our cookies.And, as always, if you like the video, feel free to rate it a thumbs up!I picked Disruptor because of it's damage resistance debuff, which means I and anyone I group with will get the benefit.The build was formulated after reading many posts online, most of which had level 12 very rare ship components.My Current ship setup in Star Trek Online On My max Level.PC Patch Notes for 8/16/18.

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The following is a list of escorts in the game.