"Kaonashi is inside of everyone." Those are Miyazaki Hayao's own words.
One of the most mysterious such characters is No Face, who is perhaps slightly antagonistic, and comes off as a spirit of greed or something to dating websites for sex offenders that effect.Its said that the older sister was seeing big raccoon or cat-like ghosts before she killed herself, due to so much stress.The word yu is translated to hot water.He clearly says to Kaonashi, "I won't give you what I want." up vote 3 down vote, you can actually also relate the character of No-face (kaonashi) to a similar supernatural entity from Inu Yasha (S1.Furthermore, the fact that the little sister went missing and that both sisters later turned up dead.it is also thought in Japanese culture that soot sprites (Susuwatari) only appear to those who are close to death.
Chihiro was forced to work at Aburaya or oil house as a Yuna probably aburaya is indicating Yuya an old type bath house, and Yuna is indication yujo which is the name of prostitution in Edo period.
m/gallery/k7Zttkz, although somewhat far-fetched, these urban legends reveal an entirely different perspective of horror and taboo to Hayao Miyazakis creations.
So, makes sense wells nevada whorehouse to be on a bath house, yes?
the girl who was killed in Sayama had an older sister who loved her little sister so much that she committed suicide after her death.People also argue that the girls do not have shadows in the final scenes (a sign of being a ghost/dead).Also, I noticed in this movie that Kaonashi, Boh, and Chihiro's parents are all obsessed with overeating.I didn't want to show them something like "the struggle between good and evil." I wanted to show them the truth about the world.Spirited Away borrows a lot of its side characters from various Japanese legends, although many are also original.It is also interesting to think why her parents turned into pigs.