The box is in okay condition and I threw the rug away as it was covered in mold and the zipper broken.
The Model 61, in spite of its small grip, can be fired with some accuracy within the usual combat distance of seven yards.Is it B37X or B37XX?Giyf if you don't know what that means.Semperfi71 # 17, 05:55 PM US Veteran Join Date: Jan 2012 Location: NE Ohio Posts: 4,027 Likes: 3,439 Liked 3,955 Times in 1,265 Posts": Originally Posted by Richski When I was a kid, I remember my grandfather had one of these, which he used.Your article gives good reasons to get one, though, and I have seen a few around for reasonable prices.The Bayard was based on a design by Bernard Clarus of Belgium.Still don't know the answer but I figured I'd confessions of a homicidal prostitute share this anyway.Barrie # 39, 08:26 PM Member Join Date: Jun 2014 Posts: 16 Likes: 2 Liked 49 Times in 9 Posts Is there any information on the B1 to B500 hungary escort service special presentation pistols?
Now, today, if the opportunity presented itself to buy one at a reasonable price, I would be going for.
Before I invest in a Smith archive letter I thought I would check to see if any members had any insight on Smith's serial numbers; I'd hate to think they are just random.
I will look for one, just to add another model to my collection and in memory of "Old Walter my partner.
These are rarely found today.
611 was B1 - B500 and B7801 - B9850.
"Handgun Tests" magazine came into existence because the M61 was praised in the regular Gun Rags of the day, but never worked in the real world.Wetdog # 14, 03:05 PM US Veteran Join Date: May 2004 Location: Jacksonville, NC, USA Posts: 1,116 Likes: 120 Liked 409 Times in 191 Posts John, Thanks for the best review of the Escort that I have ever read._ John indigo22 #, 11:08 AM Member Join Date: Oct 2013 Location: VA Posts: 1,643 Likes: 1,654 Liked 1,886 Times in 526 Posts John, your thread is very addicting, thanks for the history.So Smith Wesson got a lot of mileage from the little gun, even long after it was discontinued.Packed away and forgotten until recently, I'm now wondering what these are worth?I didn't get hurt, but I was sure it was somehow my fault.She never shot it it is in my safe now, hopefully to be passed on to one of my kids.Mine worked all the time with Rem hshp golden bullets, not with the few other types I tried.It was very informative and well written.