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Coppers (police) Bottles and Stoppers Blimey - I think the bottles are on to benefits to legalize prostitution me!Semelfactive A verbal aspect, a subclass of perfective, which denotes a momentary or punctual event (e.g.The part of speech is inherent in the word itself, and is independent of any specific role that the word may have within any given sentence (e.g.Genericized trademark A successful brand name or trademark that has come to refer to the generic class of objects rather than the specific brand type.Mind your language Media ".Respelling A different spelling of a word, especially to show its pronunciation.Thus big is the positive form of the trio big, bigger, prostitution pandering definition biggest.See also Decks - Posh n Becks Shabby Westminster Abbey He's turned out a bit westminster today Thanks to Sparky James Shag Billy Bragg He's off for a billy Billy Bragg is a singer/songwriter. .An act of breaking wind.At the end of a sentence or before a pause.
Fiver (5 note) Lady Godiva Ere, that bloke still owes me lady!
Host is mary magdalene called a prostitute in the bible Pillar and Post Whos the pillar and post for tonight?
It's in me swanee now".
Don't even try to understand this one - just accept it Pride Jekyll and Hyde You lost your jekyll or something?
To be on the receiving end of anal sex.155 helmet The glans of the penis.124 fork out To pay out, usually with some reluctance.21 Bloomsbury Square, London: Quercus Publishing PLC.Conjugation The inflection of verbs.If you have any more info please let me know Tart Kick Start Is this a lads night or are we taking the kicks Thanks to Tony Merrington Taxi Joe Baxi Mind if I share your Joe Baxi?Edinburgh, Cambridge, New York, Melbourne: Chambers, Cambridge University Press.E.g."We tanked it up from London, just in time to watch the football match." tanked (up) Adj.Some adjectives are truly uncomparable, such as daily, additional, and else.These are part of a larger group of pronominal verbs.Falsely claim to be ill, usually to avoid work.

CJK, cjkv Chinese, Japanese, Korean, (and Vietnamese CJK characters.
Of food, a take out, fast food.