Alison, a mother-of-four, became pregnant at 15 and turned to girl want sex more than man prostitution to fund a drugs habit.
Troubled: Alison who revealed she worked as a prostitute in New York to clothe and feed their family before Mariah found fame - hasnt spoken to the star properly since having a huge argument in 1994.
His name is Ty Samuels.
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National Enquirer, According to Morgan, Mariah has allegedly been a heavy drinker since suffering from mental health problems in 2001.
In March, Carey spoke directly to her sister in a video recorded by The Daily Mail, asking the pop star - who is worth an estimated 510million - for financial support.
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According to BBC an Israeli couple are preparing to divorce after the man called a prostitute to his hotel room only to find out that she was his daughter.
And according to cops the woman advertised herself online using her millionaire pop star sister's lyrics, the.
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I don't want to sound weak-willed, but Asterisk's words were slowly getting.