Director John Ford's older brother Francis appears in what is hoarfrost only one scene as Connolly, the barman.
And if you ask her why the heck she pushed.
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When that too fails, he devises a risky stratagem to avoid a bloody war by stampeding the Indians' horses out of their camp, forcing the renegades to return to their reservation.Lanham, Maryland: Taylor Trade Publishing.Who was far, far away around the block she pushed a baby carriage.AFI Catalog of Feature Films.Tyree ( Ben Johnson a one-time Confederate cavalry officer; his first sergeant, Quincannon ( Victor McLaglen and Maj.
Brittles is only a few days away from retirement and Olivia has caught the eye of two of the young officers in the Company,.
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As a line of cavalry rode through the desert, a real thunderstorm grew on the horizon.
Also Known As: Der Teufelshauptmann, see more filming Locations: Goulding's Trading Post, Monument Valley, Utah, USA.
Hoch answered, "It's awfully dark, Jack.Brittles' chief scout, Sgt.Assisting him with his mission is Capt.6 Among Rynders' associates is veteran character actor Paul Fix (Harry Carey,.'s father-in-law) in a small uncredited role.Reportedly, Wayne's 1948 performance in Red River changed Ford's mind, causing him to exclaim, "I didnt know the big son of a bitch could act!" 8 Ford realized Wayne had grown considerably as an actor, and was now capable of playing the character he envisaged.

A b c "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon".
Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.
Hoch argued that there was not enough natural light for the scene and, more importantly, the cameras could become potential lightning rods if the storm swept over them.