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Go over the arrow, out but do not go out.
Find two upside-down "U"s that resemble horseshoes.Your highest score will be recorded and shown the next time you play the Basketball Challenge mini-game.Get out of your vehicle and steal a Patriot.Walk back around to the gate.Bring a gang member with you.Get Weapons: While playing, press uzumymw.The player can remove their character's wanted level by avoiding detection or spending in-game money at specific locations to elude the police (such as a mod shop to repaint their car).Additionally, the Bandito spawns on the very west side of the map, at the Ocean Flats area of San Fierro.Repeat this process until you have a good amount of money.With a parachute, jump out of the plane and press Circle to open."Grand Theft Auto instruction manual (PC) (in English (PDF).
71 Notably, it is impossible to drive while drunk in the GTA IV expansions, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.
Drive to the Burger restaurant where escort xr3 a venda em sc OG Loc is working.
Walk away and let the garage close Then, open it and repeat the steps.Since you are allowed only 25 seconds out of your car, you must do this quickly.When you pull up to the gate, hop the wall and shoot the guard at the gate.As soon as the race starts, take it to your nearest safe house.Find a Boxville and initiate a burglary mission.Retrieved Reeves, Jay " Court rejects appeal in Alabama suit blaming game for slayings Archived t the Wayback Machine.".Retrieved " Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Reviews".