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File a police report immediately over the telephone.
The names, identities and citations appear here as they were provided to police officers in the field at the time of arrests.
Crack44 (Drug) Hotline: 800-crack44 ( /TTY used for reporting information about individuals and locations involved in drug trafficking.Chicago Abused Women Coalition's Hospital Crisis Intervention Project.Thats why the City of Chicago established a flexible telephone system for people to report non-emergency situations to the police.Cook County Sheriff's Dept.These hotlines protect the anonymity of the caller and help simplify the process of reporting crime information.Here are the Police Departments most frequently used hotline numbers: Bomb Arson Hotline: 773-533-fire, used for reporting information about arson, suspicious incendiary devices, potential bombs, and related criminal matters.Speak directly to desk personnel at your police district station.The police non-emergency number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
DePaul University College of Law, heartland Alliance, young Women's Empowerment Project.
For your convenience, the police non-emergency number provides the following options.
"The findings indicate a real intersection between prostitution and violence against women.
The Alternate Response Program does not take reports of homicides, missing persons, or what is a food whore sex offenses.
Of Children and Family Services.
This option is especially convenient for cases such as minor damage to, or theft of, property.However, the hotlines should never be used to report crimes in progress or other emergency situations.So not every call to the police needs to go through 9-1-1.The hotlines are easy to remember and require only that you leave a message, give information, or state the purpose of your call all without having to identify yourself or your location.The group will continue meeting and will coordinate with government departments, social service providers and survivors of prostitution to implement the recommendations in a thoughtful, strategic, and collaborative way.You may also report drug activity anonymously using the online.These must always be phoned in to 9-1-1.9-1-1 is the appropriate number for these situations.Of Women's Justice Services.The Chicago Intersystem Assessment Work Group, a multidisciplinary work group chaired by the City of Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence, studied and documented the city's current response to prostitution across systems.Enhance awareness training and accountability for systems involved in responding to the sex trade industry.In fact, non-emergency calls to 9-1-1 can slow the police response to true emergencies and can reduce the time that beat officers have to work with the community on solving longer-range problems on their beats.The Intersystem Assessment on Prostitution in Chicago report identifies gaps in current response strategies and makes strategic recommendations for improvements across three priority areas including the need to: Cut into the demand side of the sex trade industry; Enhance supportive services and options for those.The following individuals were arrested and charged for either patronizing or soliciting for prostitution.