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Advanced mode allows you to customize all the options of your detector including all the different radar settings.Ive found Escorts Lives speed limit to typically be pretty accurate where I drive, but it doesnt know the speed limit for all roads.This can really help improve the performance of your detector at the risk of not alerting to legitimate police radar if you disable segments that police actually use in your area.These locations are updated through your computer via Escort Detector Tools.You can choose how quiet you want it to drop.Marked: Clear all locations that you manually marked using the Mark button.(Save 30 with the coupon code escort30 ) Canada: Click here to purchase the Redline.KaN1:.392.704 GHz (Youll often get false alerts to nearby leaky Cobras here) KaN2:.704.896 GHz (MPH brand radar guns) KaN3:.886.198 GHz KaN4:.184.592 GHz KaN5:.592.808 GHz (Stalker brand radar guns) KaN6:.806.166 looking for sex in klerksdorp GHz (Stalkers that drift.Auto Learn: The Redline can automatically learn and filter out stationary false alerts on X and K band after you pass them repeatedly.
4, to leave Preferences, simply wait 8 seconds without pressing any button, or press the PWR button ( ).
2, then press the RVW button to review the current settings.
POP: Enable/disable Ka band POP detection.
Here in the US, K band police radar guns can be anywhere within the K band range so its best to leave.
Off On (Matches the display color) Band (X Green, K Blue, Ka and Laser Red) Note: Displays as Unknown in Escort Live.
(Can be disabled in CA).
If you disable K Band, youll have options for K band segmentation.Redline EX Quick Reference Guide. .Strelka (available in RD only Alert to the Strelka found in Russia.(Ill point out the differences when applicable.) Well run through the order of the options as they show up in the app.Helpful to remind you if youre speeding.Now you can adjust these options either through your detector (press and hold the.Escort Redline.The unit will display, complete return to normal operation.