raf jets escort plane

To Dominican Republic as 1940.
22 MU RAF 22Feb50.
To RAF in UK as Dakota IV KN293 via RAF Montreal Jan 27, 1945.78743 (MSN 22566) to N1246N Westair Transport, then to CP-801.To civilian registry as N7097V 74860 to rcaf as 9264.76715 (MSN 16299/33047) to ussr Apr 1945.Derelict at Manila Feb 1981.Registration cancelled Aug 8, (MSN 12034) registered N65881, current Nov16; substantially damaged at Mobile, AL 16Apr77 when the aircraft collided with trees making a low turn after takeoff 79741 (MSN 12037) delivered mk2 escort rocket bunny kit to usaaf at Lock Haven, PA; transferred to Army Ground Forces; 349th Field.RAF Middle East aPR 11, 1945 Transferred to saaf as 6878 Sep 28, 1945.GT2/64 Mar58 ciet 340 Apr58.74942 is registered with FAA as 44-72942, don't know why.
Attempted piston air speed record, 1952 but the timing equipment on the ground failed to operate properly, invalidating the estimated 510mph run (which would have been a world record for a propeller aircraft at the time).
Air Service Co 1968.
Plane marked as 479744 is actually 43-29187, flying as G-bgpd.Bought by Bolivian Air System "Illimani" Dec 22, 1965.These semi-active radar homing escort qq (sarh) missiles could track and intercept an enemy aircraft "painted" by the launching aircraft's onboard radar.Ball Seafoods, Anchorage, AK Jun 13, 1977.44 MU RAF 18Jun46.HDH raaf Bankstown naked teen whores 20Nov75.Returned to usaaf as C-47B-35-DK Oct55.86 Wing raaf Parafield 13Jun63.

77901 (MSN 33297) sold to Indian government Apr 10, 1946.
Onnor, Toronto, Ont 13Mar52.
The passengers were rescued and all four people on board were uninjured.