prostitution ring bust

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We should have sunny skies through Friday, with highs in the mid-80s, according to the National Weather Service.Police in Britain and Spain have made 12 arrests in an intercontinental prostitution ring where a criminal gang allegedly used voodoo rituals to force African women and girls into sex work.Authorities had been looking for the ring lead by Jose Cruz 'Chato' Romero-Flores for over a year.Heavy rain floods Arlington area.Published: 03:34 BST, Updated: 03:34 BST, 35, view comments, a prostitution ring in New Jersey that ran a high-volume business with illegal immigrants from Mexico and Latin America was busted Thursday.Once in the country, the women endured a 'miserable life of high-volume prostitution' according to New Jersey's acting Attorney General John Hoffman.Once in the.S., they were forced to serve up to 40 clients a day as prostitutes.Google plans massive subsea cable.GOP lawmakers are appealing a federal court order to redraw the states electoral map after finding lawmakers had illegally packed black voters into certain districts.
The ring, headed by 38-year-old Jose Cruz 'Chato' Romero-Flores, brought women to the.S.
The company is planning a subsea cable project that would connect the region directly to Googles operation in Belgium.
Girls as young as 13 who were told they would be looking after children or working in hairdressers in Europe were forced into sex slavery.
Claiming the network had a strong structure in Nigeria, Spain, Italy, and the UK, a spokesman for Spains national police said: The voodoo rituals were used to guarantee the submission of the victims and thanks to them, the organisation achieved their aim of control with.
Dunant adds network capacity across the Atlantic, supplementing one of the busiest routes on the internet, and supporting the growth of Google Cloud, the company said in a statement.One such gang uses voodoo rites to intimidate African women into submission.Romero-Flores and five others were arrested July 11 for their role in the ring.Romero-Flores was arrested at his Lakewood apartment on July 11 on charges of first-degree human trafficking, second-degree promoting organized street crime and third-degree promoting prostitution.Investigators believe the gang used voodoo rituals against women and girls to coerce them into sex slavery and to break their will, the.Authorities in New Jersey had been looking for the ring for over a year when they finally tracked them down to a house in Lakewood.Penalty: 3,600, club Cheetah 6425 South Padre Island Drive, corpus Christi, Texas, violation Date: January 10, 2014.Follow Victoria Friedman on Twitter, follow Breitbart London on, facebook and.Illegal: In addition to their prostitution charges, the six arrested - including Haliro Bueno, left, and Santos Lazaero Flores-Cruz, right - will have to deal with immigration as all are Mexican nationals living illegally in the.S.Some women are believed to have been recruited for jobs, to be illegally smuggled into Europe using fake travel documents, but upon arrival in Italy, were sent to Spain and forced into prostitution to pay off their debt to the traffickers.Power couple: Jose Cruz 'Chato' Romero-Flores, left, was the ringleader of the business, and his girlfriend Odulia Bedran Trejo, right, helped him hulu brothel find the women in Mexico and transport them to and from the brothel in New Jersey.The six members are being held in Ocean County Jail with bail set at 1million for Romero-Flores and 100,000 for the rest of the defendants.