prostitution police raid

More than 900 German police, tax and customs investigators raided Berlin's biggest brothel, charging it is linked to the Hells Angels biker gang, and making six arrests, authorities said on Thursday.
Police acted on information from a prostitute who had spoken out after fleeing her ex-partner, a Hells Angels biker, who had allegedly mistreated her.
En The Government of Puerto Rico had tried to investigate the murder of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos and the attacks on the journalists that had reported on the police raids on the homes of freedom fighters on 10 February 2006 and had asked the FBI.Prostitution is legal in Germany, but police charge that the four-storey brothel complex constituted a system of "brutal and illegal prostitution" that severely exploited dependent women.En Emmanuel McKenzie, Chairman of an environmentalist organization, was harassed and ill-treated by the security local escorts northern ireland forces in a joint army/police raid on a fundraising event on 19 April.The police has so far maintained a studded silence on the matter.The girls were aged between 16 to 18 years.En The State party contends that the past mistreatment of the complainant, following a police raid that was not aimed at him personally, does not suggest that the author runs a personal risk of torture if returned to that country.Investigators focused on tax evasion charges "like they did with Al Capone said Berlin chief prosecutor Andreas Behm, referring to the charges that landed the infamous 1920s US-Italian mafia boss behind bars.En With regard to the money-laundering offence, the only evidence submitted by the prosecution against.Police charge that while Artemis had officially engaged the women as "self-employed" sex workers, the prostitutes were in fact regular employees with set work hours, price rates and instructions to perform specific sexual acts.En Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of the Interior also introduced rules in the year # which improve the planning, performance and documentation of large-scale police raids and large-scale events, in order to further develop official and/or police interventions that are free from prejudice, as much.
En In March, police raided a private television station after it transmitted images of police beating demonstrators during the protest against high prices.
After the cops received information that girls were held hostage and pushed into prostitution near Pankshi Nagla red light situated on National Highway 11, the Bharatpur Police raided the area.
They detained the two managers of the so-called nude sauna club "Artemis" and four "madames" in the raid, in which they encountered 117 prostitutes and over 100 clients, said police and prosecutors.
Most of the women were from eastern Europe, Russia and several Arab countries.
En The Committee is concerned about the information received on identity checks and police raids carried out on the basis of ethnic and racial profiling in public places and neighbourhoods with high concentrations of foreigners, with the aim of arresting anyone in an irregular situation.
The police raid at Berlin brothel Artemis.
En Earlier, in 1999, three girls from Lilongwe were arrested in a police raid at a sex club in Amsterdam and a local businesswoman stood trial on the charges of procuring prostitution outside Malawi but was acquitted on technical grounds.Those detained in the overnight raid are accused of tax fraud and withholding social security contributions, said police, who added that they were also investigating possible human trafficking by the club.2, 5 and 7).En In the course of the police raid of, and after Nedjma Bouzaout had been killed, another police officer (AS) entered the Bousseloub family home and hit and injured the author.By withholding social security payments for them, the club had cheated the state out of at least.5 million, on top of its alleged tax evasion, said Michael Kulus from the Berlin customs office.To help settle the bill, police said they had confiscated.4 million in cash, cars and property, also including 12 apartments and other premises in Berlin and nationwide.Puracal were the documents found in his office during the police raid.