They both have the same color characters and are even the same size.
My friend who is a white American traveled with me pretended to be a Canadian.
I will have a detailed post about the dual Cuban currency system in the coming week.The provision addressing corruption of escorts in st louis minors encompasses many of the forms of child sex trafficking, but its definition of a minor as a child under 16 years old is inconsistent with the definition under the 2000 UN TIP Protocol, which defines a child as any.S (edmonton, canada) 3 blacks 8 latinas but have been with the same 2 for 15 months now.It literally costs nothing to take the bus in Cuba.In Havana, there arent any Point of Sale systems where they can print an itemized receipt of your restaurant bill.By nightfall, the prostitutes have multiplied.As of April 8 2015, its still optional folks.Always change your leftover CUCs and CUPs There are two money exchange cadecas in the departures level of Havanas Jose Marti International Airport (HAV).By the way, the cadeca doesnt accept monetary coins of any kind from all forms of currency.We have a great arrangement I never get caught up in fantasy relationship, as I said before, I am like an angel that came from heaven.
Some of them will also try to sell you fake cigars and bother males for prostitutes and hookers.
I got mad at one of them after a few drinks asked her to leave one night she got on her knees crying begging me not to leave her.
Hot, humid rooms that look more like the cache of a terrorist than a place to fornicate.
All left Cuba for a better life and in most cases continued in the ancient craft.In reality, LAN Airlines does Cuban visas for 20 USD right at their ticket counters before handing you a boarding pass.They wont speak English, but they know how to say the words tip for the music and wont go away if you dont tip them.Cubacel only has a calling plan and no access to the internet.There are a ton of Casa Particulares located in Centro Habana.Thats such a huge price disparity!My 2 girls took me to the hospital got me in to see a doctor in 10 minutes.Theyre mostly sold in peso stalls and you havent been to Cuba until youve tried one of these bad boys for 10 Cuban moneda nacional (MN) pesos (CUP).37 USD.For most tourists, they will only use the CUC.If you are looking for 1 nighters then don't leave money out or any valuables.Cuba is a source country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking, and possibly forced labor.A lot of this has to do with the Cuban culture of hospitality and kindness.No wonder mojitos in Havana only cost 1 CUC!

Good luck paying these cheap prices as a gringo!
When the pan con pasta came out, it was basically a bun with a pink slime spread which looked disgusting.