1991, janine Downes, 22, a mother of three from Wolverhampton, was brutally murdered and her half-naked body dumped in a Shropshire lay-by.
It emerged that Alice had drifted into the murky world of prostitution after leaving her husband and would take her regular customers, mostly truck drivers, to the pill box.William Shaw, another member of the park ground staff, said that two days before the discovery of the body, he had seen a couple sitting in a shelter by the local bowling greens, and heard the woman say: I am much older than you are.One woman from Bradford, who wished to remain anonymous, has been assaulted four times in recent years.Ms Foys daughters, Carly and Suzanne Wall, said: We would ask people to look beyond what she was doing and remember her for being our mum, who we loved dearly, a grandmother and someone who cared about and loved the people around her.Research into some of these deaths reveals widespread regional variations in the way cases are investigated.
The schizophrenic believed he was on a mission to kill prostitutes.
My nan was so horrified and in shock that she went to throw them in the wash immediately, but he ordered her to burn them there and then.
Kevin Parle, 28, who also goes by the name Joseph Kenneth Parle, has topped Merseyside Polices Most Wanted list for more than three years.Thompson, we are told, has worked the Liverpool city center streets for twelve years, "all of them hooked on drugs her current addiction being to crack cocaine.The intended target is said to have been Miss Hargreaves boyfriend, Gary Campbell, who had a history of violent disputes with criminals and a number of enemies.Bradford sex workers and residents say women were hounded out of the established red-light area, which is a residential area, into an isolated industrial area.1993 Mandy Duncan, 26, a mother of two who was working as a prostitute in Ipswich, went missing and was never found.She had an 11-year-old daughter.He said: "Following the recent brutal murder and dismemberment of two Liverpool prostitutes, the risks of the trade have never been more real.Author, message, christopher T George, inspector, username: Chrisg.

See "Ripper hunt police in new move" and "Police identify woman's dismembered body chris.
2002, michelle Bettles, 22, was found strangled in woods near Dereham, Norfolk, three days after disappearing from the red-light area of Norwich.