15:12, thembisile Makgalemele share this, innocentia Morolong and Eva Modika ( photo: Papi Morake).
I sat my parents down and explained what.
Innocentia says she was called a prostitute on television by a former friend and Big Brother housemate.This has proven prostitution legal sydney australia to be a really sticky situation.Its just a room, and there is an outside toilet and bath I can use.My works been keeping me so busy I havent been to school for the past six months. .Read more on: local celebrities.Going back to explaining their work, the Dolls say their families know the kind of work they do and are supportive.Through her hostess gig shes able to afford a R10 000 flat in central Joburg.If Eva gets a call, I go with her just to support her and she also returns the favour, Innocentia says.They can pocket anything from R5 000 to R30 000 in a night, they reveal.
I organise parties, so naturally Ill go to parties.
Alternatively there are a multitude of hotels near the airport within reach via shuttle bus though none within.7 metres walking distance as InterContinental.
The Vaal area is too far from Joburg and I used to be so broke when I was in the Vaal that I ended up spending a lot of time in Joburg, she says.Truely disgusting - a real scub bath was needed.When the communications science graduate isnt hosting parties she runs a modelling agency.Theyve teamed up with Tebogo, a celebrity make-up artist and musician, to produce a reality show called The Diamond Dolls.Their job, she explains, is to create hype about a club so that rich people will go there and spend loads of money. .She added she has been arrested a few times.These two get paid to show up, host, dance and hype up clubs around Johannesburg, rubbing shoulders with the whos who of politics and business.He pretended he wanted to talk to me and requested I take a walk with him.I came to Johannesburg (from Chatsworth, Durban) to try and get work, but without matric no one wanted to employ.Ive been let off paying bail once or twice or have had to pay R300 to get out of the police cell, she said.Every week they get calls from clubs to work as hostesses at the weekend and they can make up to R30 000 a night.The information I have at hand determines your agent booked 2 adults on a room only basis.The dstv continues to fail - so you sit and watch the ceiling for a good few hours.