It wouldnt make a difference, if that was way before me and you girl.
And that you hit every man that you ever knew.
But I know what to do with a girl like you.
But I Know Wut To Do Wit A Girl Like You.See it wouldn't make a difference.No Matter Wutever Damm, girl You Kno Wut I Mean Yea (Dam Lyk Foreal Tho publicity whore Babygirl, you Aint Gotta Keep No Secrets.Girl You Kno Wut I Mean Yea.See You Don't Ever new york oversize escort requirements Have To Worry About.Young moolah baby (young money arite (arite yeah (wut we is).You can be my misses wayne.See You Dont Ever Have To Worry About Me As Long As You Keep It Real.But I know wut to do wit a girl like you.See I'll give up the game.The Drought Is Over 2: The Carter 3 Sessions (2007).
You Can Be My Misses Wayne.
You Know You Need To Roll Wit A Champion Baby.
You see I had to tell my nigga lil boy.
That You Hit Every Man That You Ever Knew.Wuts Happenin Baby, wuts Happenin Baby, you Know You Need To Roll Wit A Champion Baby.And Everytime I See You I Get Asmtha Baby Like.See I'll Give Up The Game.See It Wouldnt Make A Difference.No matter wutever nah, girl you know wut I mean yeah.Prostitute Flange, this song is by, lil Wayne and appears on the mixtape.