"This time it's the generators: Defence reveals latest battle with navy's underwater lemons".
"Getting in Early: Lessons of the Collins Submarine Program for Improved Oversight of Defence Procurement" (PDF).67 a b Woolner, Procuring Change,.The close independent escort israel personal relationship between the then-Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Japanese Prime Minister Shinz Abe was also cited as a factor in the likeliness of such a deal.Canberra, ACT: Commonwealth of Australia."Pacific 2008: RAN submarines: present and future capabilities".
Arms race' leaving our subs all at sea".
"Wave of the future".
155 Officers and senior enlisted submariners slept in mixed accommodation, but junior enlisted submariners could be deployed in groups of only six: one of the enlisted cabins was set aside, and all six bunks in the cabin had to be filled.
2267 Yule Woolner, The Collins Class Submarine Story,.
Skinner, Christopher (September 2008).
It should be accessed only by people who are of legal age in the physical location from where you are accessing the site.22 a b c d Thompson, Lessons not learned,.163 At the end of six years, each boat comes in for her 'full cycle docking which involves completely refurbishing the submarine.80 Welding of Collins edit During assembly of Collins ' bow section in Sweden, multiple defects in the hull welding were discovered.Many of these were attributed to the submarines being a new, untested design, and were successfully addressed as they were discovered.

30 The Dibb Report on the state of the Australian Defence Force was released in March 1986; it included advice that if the submarine project cost increased too much, the boats' capabilities should be scaled back to save money.
30 Yule Woolner, The Collins Class Submarine Story,.
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