Required Equipment Identification of escort vehicles The escort vehicle must have on each side of the escort vehicle the name and/or owner of the escort vehicle, and 96 ford escort wagon the city and stateof the escort vehicle company.
Prevent damage to the highway system and load being transported.
Review - Answer Reduced vigilance Reduced information processing ability Slower reaction time 1 of 5 Today's Free PowerPoint Template For SlideServe users Download Now Download Presentation Connecting to Server.
At the time of the accident, the lead pilot car driver had been awake for 27 hours and had been driving and on duty for 24consecutive hours.Review: Rules and Regulations What does mature escorts northumberland daylight mean?Safety Fatigue produces almost as many accidents and fatalities as drinking and driving.Safety Recommendation from the National Highway Traffic Safety prostitution legal in vancouver Administration: Avoid using a cell phone while driving.Safety Cell Phones and Driving Statistics are mounting that suggest distractions from cell phones increase accidents.General Certification Requirements 4) An accumulation of 15 pointsagainst the drivers license of the certified operator within 24 months (combined in any of the 50 states).General Certification Requirements, purpose of Certification, to enhance the safety of the motoring public and the motor carrier industry.672-2-06.2 Oversize Vehicle Height 15 Feet or greater requires a Vehicle Front Escort with a height sensor when traveling through larger cities where traffic signals may be encountered.
An automobilemust weighnot less than 2000 pounds.
Oversize Vehicles and Loads: General oversize load sign may be mounted either onthe roof or on the bumper of the escort vehicle.
Plan Ahead, get a good nights sleep.Optional Equipment Some non-mandated equipment may prove useful on the highway.Height Poles When not escorting a permitted load, the height pole must be stored.Monitor top of overheight loads while passing under bridges, wires, etc.Rules and Regulations Convoy Travel: Is NOT authorized.Presentation Transcript, introduction, yOUR manual (Chapters 1 5) provides information about: Qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of escort vehicle operators 2) Laws and rules and regulations governing escort activities.The light must have a minimum five inch diameter base and minimum 4 inch lens height, and must be visible for at least 500 feet.Gdot rule 672-2-.01(f) states, Police Escort: A police escort vehicle shall be an automobile with markings identifying its law enforcement jurisdiction and shall be equipped with a flashing or revolving blue light as defined in Code Sections 40-8-91 and 40-8-92,.C.G.A.Generally, a separation of 500 feet to a mile, is appropriate under normal conditions.