other words for a male escort

They're increasingly successful in professional life, and they're now taking control of their relationships, too.
"The main reason that attracted me to escorting was the money".
Chris Osborn is quick to refute any whiff of improper behaviour or sexual shenanigans.But Chris has a secret.Would they see through her cunning plan?There is no need to ponder any further as you have found that guy Even if this is your first time hiring a male escort, why not make your first time amazing and memorable.We Are A Genuine Non-Sexual Male Escort Agency and Do Not Offer Any Additional Services Cavendish Knights.20 of his earnings goes to the agency he works for.The deal is honest and clear, and there's no room for confusion."He was an intelligent, articulate professional who worked evenings as an escort as a means of meeting people.
A male escort is a great substitute for a traditional hot date Chris can earn 65 per hour for escorting women around the capital on his arm.
Today more and more highly paid executive women are turning to male escorts in search of a good night out.
Male escorts can provide a listening ear We put Chris Osborn to the test when our guest presenter, Brenda Emmanus took him out on a date.
Of course, the image most women will have of male escorts is probably inspired by Richard Gere as the highest-paid lover in Beverly Hills in American Gigolo.No one suspected a thing.Cultural anthropologist Jean Smith isn't surprised by the trend for successful, well-paid women hiring male escorts.Yeah I love cheese that much.But male escorts are not for everyone.If cheese were a woman I would have been married a long time ago.We were all giggling about the idea of paying a beautiful man to grace your arm, but quietly I started to think it actually wasn't a bad idea.".

"More of them are hiring chaperones who ensure they get all the benefits of male company without having to complicate it with sex and love, or rowing over who puts the rubbish out.".