the Goose (Novigrad New Port.
This person is selling game cards, alchemy ingredients and food.14 Ambushed citizen One of citizien has been abushed - you can help him by killing bad guys.Hubert Rejk, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, audio version: Hubert Rejk is a secondary character.Vimme Vivaldi runs the branch, who also violence against prostitutes statistics canada happens to be one of the citys most talented gwent players.Old Sage - Velen (Benek) - Crone: Weavess.
Additionally, you can be attacked by thugs on level 9-10 in poor districts of the town (mostly in docks).
He didn't want to escape from the city escort passport warranty with others.
One of the more interesting people in the city is Vimme Vivaldi who can be found near the main market.In the sphere of RPGs, Novigrads convincing clutter recalls Baldurs Gate, or Athkatla, the unpredictable hub city of its sequel.This refers to whether the cards "stack" in the deck builder or not.He is a craftsman traverse city escort (he can create new objects, repair them etc.).If you go too far in the story, you can miss some of them.