The road from Melbourne was a total quagmire during that winter.
Club 741, Brooklyn, club 859, Caulfield South, club Keys, Moorabbin, cromwell Manor, Collingwood.
ON THE road again, early the next morning we were packed and ready.
Turning to look at the lake we found ourselves awed by what we saw.Never the less it is clear that by August 1851 gold was being dug by John Egan who had a pastoral run in the area.At this point the Baxters moved off to meet other friends and accompany them to another spot.We were rained.Some of these stones may still be found in the area.The Central Deborah Mining Company emanated from those associated with the Monument Hill Mining Company, and at its first general meeting in 1939 the board of directors elected consisted of a wealth of experience in gold mining and administration.The deeper I dug the more I was sure the nugget was going to be a good one.Australia's contribution to World War york brothels 1 had been enormous for such a young and burgeoning country.With very limited manpower the mine had continued its preparatory path and by 1945 the mine had 30 employees working underground.
It was indeed; Victoria's most diversified and prosperous area for gold.
F.Kawerau, Esq., attested to this at the gold reward hearings.
Plant suitable for the Central Deborah was carefully selected and finances controlled in considering purchases.
Prospecting expeditions, wITH, dOUG stone, tO australia'S outback.At least 300 miles of such races existed in this area, and were usually rented out at about 3 pounds per week by the owners after being installed on creeks.Next month, more gold nuggets and gold-in-quartz specimens, all from where we missed them the first time.Every trip we brought gold home.One group of four miners in a rich area claimed to have recovered an average of 4 pounds of gold per man per day, for a two-month period.During these years several experimental shafts were cut and the results of the subsequent crushings showed promise.I began to get excited.We never did find that mine.The wealth recorded by government officers of gold got on some claims is staggering.It was a most effective way of stopping petty thieving.Western Australia, ex Kalgoorlie / Leonora 14 days 22 May, northern Territory, ex Alice Springs 14 days 10 July.They all gathered and collectively celebrated Christmas day.THE adventure oifetime - Part 2 by Jim Foster, a rriving at the small gold mining town of Leonora we decided to spend the first couple of days in the Caravan Park.