Benedet suggests MacKay has given his law such lofty goals that any limitations it places on the way prostitution is carried out are constitutionally justified.
The governments new law does not even bother to try to address those harms.
In other words, it is arguing that its acceptable to put prostitutes at risk because the law is now motivated by what the government sees as the prostitutes best interests. So I asked prostitute basildon about the rulings stipulation that prostitutes must be allowed to communicate with customers in order to avoid dangers.I dont often report on my own questions, but here I include how I phrased it to put MacKays rather blunt answer in context: Q, the court said they have to be able to communicate with johns in order to figure out the dangers.There are two possible interpretations of the governments motives.John Lowman, a criminology professor at Simon Fraser University and an expert on prostitution laws, said MacKay has failed to address the main thrusts of the Bedford decision on this and other issues, essentially inviting another round of court challenges.
Of the many aspects of the prostitution law reforms that Justice Minister Peter MacKay tabled today, the part I was most curious about beforehand was how he would deal with the difficult issue of prostitutes communicating with their potential clients.
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The Supreme Court ruling in December, and the evidence that informed it, showed plainly that sex trade workers are at risk because of laws that make it difficult for them to vet clients and work in safe places.
The government is coupling its harsh new laws with 20 million in new program funding, with an emphasis on funding programs that can help individuals exit prostitution.
Such a strategy is an insult to the very notion of the rule of law not to mention a waste of public money.
Maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.Here we have MacKay frankly asserting that his law would not allow any verbal give-and-take between prostitutes and those who want hot russian whores to buy sex from them.Those old laws didnt directly criminalize the buying or selling of sex, but outlawed activities that tend to surround prostitutionincluding running a brothel and talking in the course of buying or selling sex.The most disturbing possibility: it believes the Court will strike down the new law, but in the meantime, the government can gain political points for a few years by picking a fight with the courts and the opposition parties.Its 2014, and our government is more interested mlg peppa whore in telling people what to do with their lives and in mass surveillance than in protecting citizens from overreaching laws.Courts could seize materials containing the advertisements and require information to identify and locate the person who posted the.In other words, the government will help sex workers, but only if they get out of the business.I asked two experts and got two sharply contrasting responses.The court found that these restrictions made selling sex more dangerous to a degree that violated a prostitutes constitutional right to security of the person.Profiting from the prostitution of others, including through businesses that sell the sexual services of others online or out of venues such as escort agencies, massage parlours, or strip clubs that also provide sexual services, would be illegal.