They are doing so well.
They were only toddlers.Now, if I get the opportunity to study, I would still like to be a police woman.I did it because I didnt want my daughters to have the same life.My mother wouldnt help.When I was young, I used to see so many more clients and they a level escort service paid me ten rupees.But when I got to Victoria Terminus train station I met a girl who promised to get me a job in Bombay.My youngest is studying so she can become an air hostess.Photos and text by Helen Rimell, who lived in Mumbai's Kamathipura district as a photographer. .However, MRA police revealed that so far they have taken action against 20 women for creating nuisance in public place.
I will not see clients who are drunk or abusive or on drugs.
At times, when a family is passing by they pass lewd comments.
However, a local resident, said, At times, men approach women and ask for their rates.
I was married to him and we had two daughters.After one month a man came who paid 20,000 rupees to take me out of the brothel.Jyoti "I grew up in Mumbai, and living here I have seen the hard and horrible life.I have scars where I was beaten as a young girl in the brothel.So I found out about SAI, went to their van and asked about working with them.Sex workers continue to live in squalid conditions, isolated from the rest of society trapped in a life of poverty and often slavery, from which, for many, there is no escape.

He was kind to me and good.
I have been working on images that portray intimacy, femininity and tenderness as well as showing the often-brutal reality of life within the brothels.
Most of them are not there voluntarily.