When I saw the article i thought that he would stop wasting his time being absolute useless human being and would go to university or something like that.
There were teams like eSahara, Fnatic, Lemondogs, Na'Vi, SK and.
21:52 one less french player to make dramas 21:53 He's one of the only French players that don't create drama.
Hello / Good evening everyone, what I am going to say in this "news" will please some and maybe make others sad.21:49 some of the best aim out there.Hunger for money rather than the rage to beat and be the best and it's not because I say that I'm perfect that we all agree.Xms was really skilled player, who showed up from the begining of his serious career.Csgo dead game, perfect for unathletic unskilled gamers 08:12 Fast read "announces retardment" 08:48 california penal code 647 f prostitution He wasn't any special, so who cares.Ecka dee 21:46 I remember his one tap ace on Overpass.
I will not go into too much detail but to make brief after a few months he offered me to make a lan on CS with Kioshima instead of area who oddly could not.
06:35 retired at the ripe age of 21 07:04 finally, noone liked this faggot 07:57 wise decision.
At first he thought I was cheating but after several days on the server I started to make friends with him and he made me meet the members of the vakarm staff and that's where I started.
Hitomi Senpai, added: August 19, 2018 at 10:04.I jsut fund about this player existence and he already retires 21:25 byebye nice 5tap 5kill scene.After this victory I went on the famous TS-Netteux or there was "all the subtop" and I made my first team Awsomniac with Ark Co and voila for the little story to start I arrived there.; D bisous (Sorry for the faults etc, I'm not french teacher) 21:29 mibr fan talking lul 03:53, he was good and deserved a team not like some frenc player in top 21:26, now, xms stated that he is quitting because he doesn't have the.Witch Hunt, added: August 16, 2018 at 9:19.Queens Blade, added: August 18, 2018 at 10:00.Amazon Island 2, added: September 7, 2018 at 3:37.Ffs he actually showed promise anytime he wasnt being lead by Happy 22:13 Sad news, it really makes me feel bad.Garnet Cream Pie, added: August 30, 2018 at 1:46.22:59 Mad at frenchies doesn't try another scene Hope he doesn't prosper anywhere he goes he sounds like he's the one who didn't care or try 23:05 good luck for the future 23:18 GL XMS in the future, try your best mate!Mortal Cum Butt, added: August 12, 2018 at 8:10.23:40 Good luck in the future XMS.00:51, rip bro Gl in the future.Most of the best French players are to blame for this shitstorm the French scene is in : shox, NBK, ScreaM, apEX, Happy, kioShiMa.

He was a decent player, very sad to hear this news Happy ruined french scene.
22:20 Probally trying be a fortnite pro player now, only game he has stream the last weeks was just Fortnite 22:21 Not much of a retirement if you are 21 and literally no one will sign you, get a real job 22:34 You will.