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Explain the difference between the Public Provident Fund and the National Savings Certificate.
That is April 1, 2022.They continue to diverge on the return front too.So how does one choose between the two?The NSC is a post-office savings scheme while the PPF was established by the central government in 1968.File My Returns, june 14, 2006.Also, after closure, the applicable interest rate will be Post Office Savings account interest rate.Of course, they both offer fixed returns which are set at the start of the financial year but the similarity ends there.But if compounded half yearly you would earn around Rs 4,000 more (Rs 2,36,597) over a decade.
But both are very safe since they are backed by the government.
Please check the updated version of PPF and NSC here.
The returns are reset lucy doll escort every fiscal year and are benchmarked against the 10-year government bond yield.
In 2012-13, the rate as fixed by the Reserve Bank of India, or RBI, was.8 per annum for PPF.
With PPF, you pay no tax on the interest you earn.
The only difference is in the way it is computed.Let us see the new amendment rules of 2018.In the case of NSC, the rate of return is locked at the time of investment and during the tenure of the investment it remains insulated from any changes in rates.However, the rule was clear that Provided that if a resident who subsequently becomes Non-Resident Indian.Not so in the case of NSC where the interest is taxed.But worth noting is that you can take a loan on your PPF account.If you would prefer a partial withdrawal, that is permissible after the expiry of the 5th year from the date that the initial subscription is made.The limit is the same - Rs 70,000, irrespective if it all goes in your account or in your account and your child's.You can also approach the head post office in your area.So as mentioned above, even though the return in NSC is compounded half yearly, the return is taxed which makes PPF a better tax-saving option but with a longer lock-in.With NSC, you can hold it jointly or you can hold it singly and nominate someone.You cannot add it to this amount.The NSC viii pamela peaks escort issue is for 5 years and the NSC IX issue is for 10 years.

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