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'But on the bright side I get double the love he said.Published: 16:41 BST, Updated: 16:39 BST, 319, view comments, meet Ben Byrne - the man sharing the bed of Perth identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque who spent more than 240,000 on surgeries to look more alike.Wesley accidentally lets it slip after finding out his latina escort boston mother tried to pay Aria to "disappear" from her son's life, which is what she did to Maggie as she thought she ruined Ezra's life.You can make your own collection of favorite stars or characters without any effort!Aria begins to reunite with her old friends, mainly Emily, at school and discovers that Ezra is in fact her new English teacher, Mr Fitz.However, Aria's name is cleared, when "A.D." gifts her an alibi, in exchange for assistance.Television edit Season 1 edit The series begins with a flashback in a barn where four girls Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily are having a sleepover; they are surprised by their best friend and queen bee Alison DiLaurentis, who frightens them by causing creaking noises.Niche themes are available as well as popular models.
Later that night, Ella confronts Aria about rumors a while back about Ezra possibly having a relationship with one of his students.
But after living with the twins and their mother, Jeanna, for 10 months, he now feels more comfortable to share.
However, Aria finds out Ezra knew her before they began dating and feels betrayed and used.
At first, the Perth fitness enthusiast was shy but now that he has lived with the girls for 10 months he's ready to share.
But it's not just a boyfriend and looks, the pair have in common.
When Aria is arrested, Ezra comes to the police station and confesses to Ella that he loves her.Aria also keeps an eye on her younger brother, Mike Montgomery, who starts dating Aria's junior high torturer Mona Vanderwaal.Pretty Little Liars edit, in the first novel, Aria and her family return from Iceland, moving back into their old house in Rosewood, Pennsylvania.Flawless edit The unknown identity of "A and suspicions that Byron may be seeing Meredith again, cause Aria to feel uncertain about her future.Aria tries to help Mike out, but there is nothing she or her family can do to get him to listen.Finally Aria feels she is not a part of Ezra's life anymore and she decides to break up with Ezra.She is best friends with Alison 'Ali' DiLaurentis along with Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, and Emily Fields.Near the beginning of the season Aria meets Ezra's mother and younger brother Wesley Fitzgerald-who Aria shares a brief kiss with, ( Gregg Sulkin ).Noel Khan, a boy Aria used to have a crush on, asks her out.On his last day working at Rosewood, Ezra is packing up his belongings in his car when Aria runs and kisses him.Feel free to contact.

Five years later, Aria has ended her relationship with Ezra and is dating a co-worker, Liam, whom she works with at a publishing house.
After Mona's death and Alison's arrest, Aria and Ezra both try to talk to Mike about her death, and Aria is shocked when he tells her that Mona faked her own death to catch 'A but he believes that 'A' must have blackmailed her, which.
Since the three year jump, Aria has now blossomed into a beautiful and confident young woman.