The forward down-grip handle is hard plastic.
These shotguns feature a black polymer stock with a cushioned, vertical pistol grip, an adjustable comb and a 2 round shell holder.Escort has you covered.Bringing in high quality, reliable and affordable products for shooting and hunting enthusiasts is the mission.I finally settled on pattaya street prostitution a Federal premium turkey load as the overall sweet spot for this gun, and it literally put 15 shots into a single hole. .With lighter recoil they are less likely to fear the gun, and more likely to handle it well if they ever need. .That can be adjusted via the rear and/or front sights but I didnt bother. .
Aside from a laser or tactical light, and maybe an optic, there is nothing to add to this gun. .
Especially with the high copper content high velocity loads like a #5 turkey, or a slug. .
The bolt fit is very good, and the action cycles smoothly. .
It shot about 3 low at between 7 and 10 yards. .
The fully adjustable rear sight incorporates both a ghost ring and two dot fiber-optics.Forends are lengthened and ergonomically shaped, and include a Picatinny-style accessory Tri-rail.Completing the mechanism is the cross-button style safety just behind the trigger.How much it helps with felt recoil, I cant really say, but it does seem to reduce muzzle flash pretty well and that is important for a defensive gun. .The rubber butt pad is adequate for a good grip to your shoulder and recoil absorption. .Just a few years ago, many in the gun world scoffed at the idea of a 20 gauge as a dedicated home defense gun. .The rear sights fiber optic inserts are shielded by large wings).Starting out at the business end, there is a nice muzzle break of standard birdcage design. .The down grip handle is a nice touch for a defensive shotgun, and even contains a latching flap at the base to access the inner storage. .Trigger pull 5 lbs.,.The semi-auto comes in either black or marine nickel finish.Sports International, reno, NV -( m )- Gene Lumsden, CEO of, legacy.Below that, the polymer fore-end stock provides a nice gripping surface, and has picatinny rail on the bottom and both sides. .