According to the group, the red light zone gives sex workers in Leeds a safe environment in which to operate.
The film shows her smoking drugs from a makeshift crack pipe and she said: "I have this every single night before I go out because it gives me confidence, I've got no confidence.A spokeswoman for the group said: Most street-based sex workers are local escorts northern ireland not drug users, yet the film chooses to focus only on women on drugs.Over the past 12 months, people living in the area have become increasingly frustrated at the impact it is having on their daily lives and.It's a rainy night in the Holbeck area of Leeds where the police have relaxed law enforcement to allow women to sell sex.During the day she is dressed down, in jeans and a leather jacket instead of a flimsy dress and heels.They say the Holbeck managed area is a particularly dangerous one, with violent robberies, rivalry between prostitutes, Class A drug use and little or no police presence to stop.Some of the blokes around here are downright crazy.Under the dim orange glow of a street light, a woman in vertiginous pink heels and a tight miniskirt is tottering towards a darkened car.Until recently, the policy in Holbeck was one of zero tolerance: anyone found kerb-crawling or soliciting was cautioned, arrested or fined up to 1,000.I have to warn them never to stand outside while waiting for a lift.
She is shivering, pulling her red raincoat across her chest.
A used needle discarded in the UK's first 'legal' red light district in Leeds.
One threatened to come at me with a water pistol full of bleach.
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There is a code of conduct that sex workers must abide by as part of the Managed Approach.This, however, is far from the story told by residents, local business owners and even the sex workers themselves.A car approaches and she leaves her post underneath a railway bridge.Karen owns the Sunrays beauty salon on Holbeck Lane, the main road in the area.Drug use, trafficking, organised crime and coercion will at no time be tolerated.There is fierce competition between the nationalities, with British prostitutes furious that newcomers are stealing their turf and charging cheaper rates sometimes as little as a quarter of what the British women charge.Male employees have been offered sex; female employees are approached by kerb-crawlers.It ignores the truth that in many areas around the UK the majority of sex workers are on the streets because of benefit cuts and sanctions.She said: "I used to be married to a woman in Hull before I went to my last prison sentence and she was rattling for her drugs and she said can you get me some money.

The area has changed because the foreign girls are turning it into a freak show, parading around in frilly knickers and flashing at passing cars.