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She was also illegally been registered in the Jewel Palace Database by Luea, in hopes that she can fulfill Joker's plans.
Lady Lillian lillian is a Queen Candidate for Jewel Land.
I enjoy the art of seduction and the passion in teasing until you cannot take it anymore.
It was later revealed that she is actually related to Cayenne.Refined and elegant, Lillian is often quiet around others.(Source: Jewelpet Wikia voice Actors).You will not be disappointed!She is kind of fond of Miura and appears to have a crush on him.Very much a lady in public and a tiger in the boudoir.She just loves dressing up in lingerie and slinking around the room or crawling on all tom waits prostitute fours, enjoying the attention her sexy curves always get.
Sensual, intelligent, fun and easy going.
Luea used her magic to bring the doll to life and call her "Lillian and also inserting fake memories into Cayenne so she can be his brother.
For the rest please contact me and we will discuss in more private way to suit both.I strive to keep a nice toned body without compensating on a womans curves.Casually, she is seen wearing a white blouse underneath a black dress.The black dress looks like a half-button up tank top, but then it spreads out, and it somewhat resembles a tutu.I have a sensual and passionate personality and attractive head to toe always dress appropriately for any occasion.Playful, Passionate, andDefinitely Pleasing!And this pussy loves to be stroked and played with, having a natural fun and friendly attitude, but be warned!

If you stroke this pussy too long she will soon become a tiger, pouncing on her prey and showing an XXXtremely wild side which will blow more than just your mind.
Lillian has long, purplish-black hair.