In 2009, no victims took advantage of the 90-day reflection period.
Slaves Into Workers: Emancipation and Labor in Colonial Sudan.Men and women from Bangladesh, China, and the Philippines underground prostitution are found in conditions of forced labor in Poland.It continued, however, to provide protection and reunification services to child victims repatriated from Saudi Arabia and to make notable strides in raising awareness of child labor trafficking.The government provided domestic workers with written materials explaining their rights in their native languages and providing contact information for reporting complaints to labor authorities, and warned employers that it is an offense to confiscate any of these materials.The Government of the Netherlands fully complies with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.In the reporting period, Saudi Arabia did not take actions to reduce the demand for prostitution.
The spla, however, launched a Child Protection Unit, with representatives at division, brigade, battalion, and company level, to oversee implementation of the plan, compliance with child protection standards at major spla bases, and removal of children from spla payrolls.
Protection The government did not offer trafficking victims access to shelters or other services during the reporting period The government lacked formal procedures to identify trafficking victims among vulnerable groups, such as undocumented migrants and those persons detained for prostitution offenses.
These conditions are indicators of possible forced labor.Prevention The government demonstrated some efforts to prevent prostitutes in south shields trafficking.Yemen (Tier 2 Watch List) Yemen is a country of origin and, to a much lesser extent, a transit and destination country for women and children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced labor and forced prostitution.The Swedish International Development Agency fostered international anti-trafficking partnerships by funding NGO-led anti-trafficking efforts in southeastern Europe and Asia.In October 2009, the Ministry of Equality sponsored a photographic exhibit entitled, Dont Be An Accomplice to raise awareness of trafficking and reduce demand for sex trafficking by calling on the public to not participate in the forced prostitution of women and girls, including advertising.In some human trafficking cases, workers are victims of fraudulent recruitment practices and have incurred large debts for promised employment in the United States, which makes them susceptible to debt bondage and involuntary servitude.