i think my girlfriend is an escort

If it bothers you so much, then you should probably break up with her because you're only fostering deeper resentment down the line.
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If so, then this may be the mystery man you're afraid.If she asks you to be clear about when you're getting home and even texts you asking, she may not be eagerly waiting for your arrival.but do express your feelings (like "I feel like you're losing interest in our relationship.Be prepared to have an open and honest conversation with your partner, rather than simply accusing them or getting into an argument.Let your partner know exactly what led you to believe that she is cheating on you.Tell her you have something on your mind, and ask if she has time to talk in a private space.If your partner is suddenly pulling out new tricks, this may be an indicator that she is learning them somewhere else.Buy lots of new dresses or lots of packages showing up in the mail with new clothes for her, dresses, lingerie, etc.When she's MIA for a few hours, casually ask her what she's been.
Question What if you are still not sure?
3 If your partner says shes brothels in zurich not cheating, do not push further or try to incite a fight.
Of course, if your behavior has changed, then maybe she has a reason for nagging you more.
The same goes for your friends - though she might have previously loved group trips to the beach or to trivia night with your friends, if she suddenly never wants to hang out with them, then it may be because she's trying to extricate herself.2 Ask your partner directly, Are you involved with someone else?Allow them to answer.If she's cheating on you, she'll also be less open with her body.If she's suddenly spent more time at the gym and is much more interested in getting in shape, she may be doing it for another guy.It sounds like you two are very close though and that really isn't easy to find.Overall I would characterize her condition as fragile.If she's deleted all of her past texts and emails, then that's a little bit suspicious too.I dont think anyone close to her knows what shes doing.If she's not there, she's in trouble.Concerned Boyfriend of a Call Girl, you can follow me on Facebook here and sign up for my weekly newsletter here.Previously, she showed you her computer to point out a funny article or asked you to check her texts for her and always left her phone out in the open.She might genuinely not have heard you!Sometimes, there is simply nothing you can do but walk away.