Next lets begin the process of updating our Firmware and Defender database by clicking on the green circle with the arrow.
Is RedLine EX the most sensitive model available?
I always recommend saving your locations before doing any updates, just incase of a problem.What is Variable Speed Sensitivity?Several times a month Escort releases a new update to their Defender photo enforcement database and they also occasionally have updates to the firmware of their radar detectors, which you can download and install right from the comfort of your home.To do this Escort has a program called Radar Detector tools and during this video Im sharing here with you now, Ill walk you through step by step on exactly how to obtain this program and do your updates.The RedLine EX is web ready.
I really have no cons.
Simply go online to download the most up to date locations.
Multi-Color, oLED Display, includes four different color settings: Blue, Red, Green, and Amber, iVT Filter.
RedLine EX allows you to Mark locations of interest, block false radar and laser alerts, track vehicle speed in real-time, and allows sensitivity to vary based on vehicle speed.Autolearn uses the GPS feature to identify sources of false radar and memorizes location and frequency of each beautiful blonde escort radar signal.We recognize if you are driving at slower rates of speed that you do not need full sensitivity.Compatible with most Windows computers.Escort Detector Tools and then drivers.Our exclusive real-time ticket-protection network, which warns you of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area, and gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts.What is the USB port for?This process takes a few minutes depending on your Internet speed and first downloads the firmware updates and once successful erases your old firmware and reinstalls the new firmware to your radar detector.GPS Intelligence Rejects False Alerts, true Stealth Operation Lets You Drive 100 Undetected.

Includes English and Spanish.
And then this following page there are instructions on how to use the program and this green box you click on to download the Windows version.
Pressing the mute button the first time will silence the audio.