Hey Brain of J, you're a funny guy but how is this more interesting, dynamic, blah, blah than Hip Priest?
I never stopped laughing at that, and now I'm banned from the pubs.
33 of Slates is absolutely perfect no matter the perspective taken on the music and the era.
With gunpowder and bullets!You absolutely eliminate the chance of hearing the floating brothel documentary summary "Copped It".For a bootleg, it sounds incredible.That guy's a nut, he shoots people in the head!"Disney's Dream Debased" is a stunner worthy of John Lennon.I would also nod to "Extricate" and "Shiftwork" gay escort israel and "Light User Syndrome".seeds OF SIN - Long Island handheld low-budget shit filmmaker Andy Milligan made a movie about a creepy family having a reunion and being murdered one by one.Pickwick whose cartoon likeness appears on the Kiddy Disko Party album I bought at the thrift store last weekend Liverpool 78 is seriously one of the most asinine pieces of shit that any band has smeared onto its fans since the birth of peristalsis.There are TWO drummers playing together in a spirit of peace and harmony, and the songs, although perhaps the least accessible they'd ever done, are very interesting.
Billdude This is the first Fall album I've ever heard let alone owned and I don't know if I've started into the right place.
Very odd film featuring a gigantic vibrator.
Lovely melodies here, some big beats and clattering machines.This is all fine and dandy if he's reciting one of his own British rants, but it kinda sucks all the.Mark E Smith is a horrible person.What good tunes there are on here mostly sound better on The 27 Points.Mark, the choice is yours.5)The Birmingham School of Business School.This is.