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All tragically devoured and replaced with the daily cycle of drug abuse and prostitution.
Sadness for they way each has seemingly lost their way and compassion that at their very core each of them is like any other member of society.Titled 'Downtown Divas' it sees Eastern Europe's prostitutes, their bodies ravaged by heroin addiction, sharing their intimate stories to camera.More like this., An interesting conversation with a woman that spells it out.With her drug habit becoming more intense, it motivates her to steal.Make no mistake, at first glance this short film initially makes for uncomfortable and confronting viewing.
I don't know what I would be doing.'.
Phil that clients contact her every day and she visits their homes to make money.
Her partner Jessey, who only started using heroin when he met Niki, is sure that the baby escorted tour operators is his as she has reassured him that she always uses protection with her clients.
Jessey explains in the footage: 'Right now she is really high.More like this., Mandy, a prostitute in Maryland, services up to ten clients a day to feed her heroin addiction.This is documentary I made while I was.Tragically somewhere along the way their dreams, hopes and passions became clouded by heroin and destroyed by addiction.More like this., Please Subscribe!I would rather feed my drug habit than my unborn child said Niki in the video.

The soon-to-be mum wanted to detox and says her main aim is to 'get clean and get healthy so I can take care of the baby'.
Dr Phil is keen to help the couple get their lives back on track with the help of her family.