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The plot centers around the Gecko brothers, two dyed-in-the-wool criminals on the run from the police after a prison break.
Seth Gecko: What did I tell you?
Loophole Abuse : Upon being told that indian escort guide the Titty Twister is only open to truckers and indonesia prostitution bali bikers, Jacob notes that, technically, he is a truck driver, as his RV requires a truck license to legally operate.
Now do we all agree that what we are dealing with is vampires?Extensive searches on the ship and at sea produced no signs of her whereabouts.The Ritual (2001), a straight-to-video release in 2006 after the box-office failure of the 1996 film.Kate offers to go with him but Seth declines, admitting he is not evil enough to pull her into his lifestyle and they part ways.Evil : A duo of robbers and murderers versus bloodsucking undead.This doesn't kill him, rather it activates a whole new mutation in what can be described as a skinless oversized rat.He says they'll talk later and Juliette Lewis gives a comical little nod - playing the scene for some Black Comedy.Even the villains are not immune to this - Santanico dies very quickly, much to her own astonishment.A E Television Networks (Lifetime).The Titty Twister is based on Kurtz' compound from Apocalypse Now.
Bittersweet Ending : Though the Titty Twister is destroyed and all the vampires free mature sex contacts have been wiped out, Seth and Kate are the only survivors by the end of the ordeal.
A straighter example comes during Santanico's sexy dance, where one shot of her cleavage is framed as if it's from Richie's POV.
Kate's "apple pie sensuality as the script puts.
Wrong Genre Savvy : The hostages, particularly Scott Fuller, have all the Genre Savvy needed to survive in a heist film or hostage taking film.
Or a mean motherfuckin' servant of God?
"Amy Bradley" redirects here.Salma Hayek is a real-life ophidiophobe, such that she almost didn't take the part of Santanico Pandemonium because.The three films were: Demon Knight (1995) (Tales From the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood (1996).1, searches turned up no sign of her and investigators believe it unlikely that she had fallen overboard.Panty Shot : An "around-her-ankles" example rather than the standard upskirt peek, but the border patrol guy still gets an eyeful when he spies Kate sitting on the toilet (pretending to defecate so that the agent will leave and not notice the Gecko brothers hiding.Caleb was the brother of prudish born-again, TV producer Katherine Verdoux (ex.It is also used to show Seth's blind love for his brother, as well as the fact that Seth is likewise a psychopath, if not a rapist.