ford escort zx2 engine splash shield

Then, going to the right, that's an idler pulley.
The only parts which may be damaged are the timing belt pulleys.
You start by having a new timing belt and goulburn brothel idlers, and the two setting tools, a tdc (top dead center) pin and cam bar, many times available at the parts store where you buy the belt and idler.Installation Position the drive belt over the accessory pulleys.You need a new belt tensioner.If all cylinders have 125 psi or higher, then you are.The same is true for the Zetec engine found in the Contour/Mystique and the Focus Zetec, excluding the SVT Focus.Oops : Please try again.Rotate the crankshaft to TDC.And we'll speed it up here again.It's a pain and there's a good chance you won't get the timing right.
Labor Times - hrs Remove Install: Contour/Mystique.40 Cougar/Escort.70 Special Tools Camshaft alignment tool -.
A bent belt tensioner will eventually break and cause the serpentine belt to come off.
Install the timing and valve covers.11: Drive belt routing-2.0L sohc engine with A/C Fig.The tensioner has three bolts that hold it in, three 10mm bolts, but one of them is very close to this power steering line and, as opposed to taking the power steering pump off, we're just going to give it a gentle nudge to get.Share: Entire Logbook, m, 2018).Remove the 5 or six dust shroud bolts on the passenger side, 10mm socket, set dust shroud aside.Rotate the drive belt tensioner in a clockwise motion.If you need clarification, ask it in the comment box above.Loosen the tensioner retaining bolt.This means if the timing is off or the timing belt breaks, no damage will occur to your engine.There are 3 gold tone mounting bolts for the alternator, 1 up top, 2 underneath, use the 1/2" to take off the bottom two and then support the alt.In the lower front and right front wheel area, there are seven 10 millimeter bolts that hold the splash pan in place.

Do NOT turn crankshaft or camshaft with timing belt removed.
You'll need jack and jack stands.